Gettysburg 2015

152nd Anniversary Battle Reenactment

POSTPONED to August 7, 8, & 9 2015

Due to abnormal amounts of rainfall for the past month, and the significant rainfall and flooding the past three days, both event organizers and local emergency management officials have deemed it necessary to postpone the Annual Gettysburg Civil War Reenactment. The reenactment is held entirely on farm fields and requires a reasonable level of vehicle and pedestrian ingress/egress to responsibly provide for safety and necessary resources. Although it is usually dry and hot during this time of year, the consistent weather pattern for the past month has created difficulties for most outdoor related activities throughout the region. After storms and significant rainfall on Thursday and Saturday, as event organizers and community partners, the Gettysburg Anniversary Committee has no alternative but to postpone the event. The Gettysburg Anniversary Committee understands and is very sensitive to the disappointment and inconvenience that a postponement causes to visitors, reenactors and area businesses. It is also impacting to our staff as well. The Gettysburg Anniversary Committee is comprised of community members with a twenty-one year history of responsibly organizing this event. Our organizational history indicates a commitment to perform – if we are able to do it safely. Any advance ticket for the July 3-5, 2015 dates will be honored for any of the three postponement days on August 7, 8, & 9, 2015.




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      Make those dusty old history books come alive July 4th weekend at this spectacular site of the filming of the movie Gettysburg within view of the iconic Big and Little Roundtop(s).

     Enjoy all the Gettysburg 152nd Anniversary Reenactment activities located next to Gettysburg National Military Park overlooking the historic Sachs Mill Covered Bridge utilized by both armies.

      The Gettysburg 152nd Anniversary Reenactment is an all day family event with several battles each day, field demonstrations, an extensive living history village, living history programs, civil war merchants and military camps open to the public.  There is plenty to see and do all day long.

Experience your American heritage and stimulate all your senses at the Gettysburg 152nd Anniversary Reenactment.  Gates open at 8:30 each day so you can enjoy and experience everything the Gettysburg 152nd Anniversary Reenactment has to offer. Order your admission tickets and reserved seating on-line now!

Mark your calendar, August 7th, 8th & 9th, 2015 for the Rescheduled Annual Gettysburg Civil War Battle Reenactment.


 The beautiful Sachs Covered Bridge, also known as Sauck’s Covered Bridge and Waterworks Covered Bridge,  is a 100-foot long  “Town truss covered bridge” over Marsh Creek between Cumberland and Freedom Townships. It is one of the highlights of the 152nd Gettysburg Anniversary Battle Reenactment that should not be missed.  The bridge built in 1852 for $1544, sits within plain view of the reenactment action with the Eisenhower National Historic Site and the Round Tops in the background. The bridge was also known as the Sauches Covered Bridge at the time of the Battle of Gettysburg. In 1938 the bridge was designated Pennsylvania’s most historic bridge by the PA Department of Highways. It is located next to Gettysburg National Military Park and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.

During the Battle of Gettysburg both Union and Confederate troops utilized the bridge. The Federals III Corps used it heading to Gettysburg and so did the Army of Northern Virginia during the battle and their retreat after the Union victory.  After the bridge fell behind the Confederate lines on Seminary Ridge after the First Day, surrounding the bridge were southern soldiers, field hospitals and burial sites, as well as pastures for the Army of Northern Virginia cattle and horses. You will be sharing this ground with these troops when you attend the 152nd Gettysburg Battle Reenactment.

The bridges truss design system consists of wooden beams cris-crossed to form a lattice bridge is one of the few remaining Town Truss Bridges in Pennsylvania designed by Connecticut Architect Itheil Town.  The bridge is 100’ long and 15’ wide. It has been closed to vehicular traffic since 1960. In 1996 a flash flood knocked the bridge off its abutments and it incurred substantial damage. A $600,000 restoration by Adams County resulted in the bridge being rededicated in 1997.  The bridge sits beside the Gettysburg Waterworks which supplies fresh water to Gettysburg. Originally constructed in 1894, the water works was rebuilt by the PA Department of Health to supply water for the 1913 veterans reunion.

The Sachs Mill Covered Bridge is one of the most historic, iconic and beautiful settings in Adams County. It is accessible to vehicle and pedestrian traffic from the east (Reenactment side) or west side (Water Works side), with the east side being handicapped accessible.  On your way to or from the 152nd Gettysburg Anniversary Reenactment take the time to visit the Sachs Mill Covered Bridge, walk in the footsteps of both armies, take some post card quality photographs and enjoy one of the most beautiful views you will experience on your visit. At the 150th Gettysburg National Reenactment, the Gettysburg Anniversary Committee donated $10,000 each to five local preservation and patriotic causes. Preservation and repair of the Sachs Mill Covered Bridge was one of the beneficiary’s.


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