IMG_3163cThe Gettysburg Anniversary Committee looks forward to welcoming reenactors  to the 152nd  Anniversary Gettysburg Civil War Battle Reenactment.  We work every year to improve the event and 2015, even though smaller than the 150th will be a memorable and enjoyable event .  In addition to our overall excellent history of providing ample amenities such as wood, water, clean toilets, organized parking, security, traffic control, excellent 24 hour EMS, shower access, on-site shuttles and 24 hour fire protection, we have been working with commanders in the field to better accommodate requests for improved battle scenarios, authenticity standards, and providing an environment which fosters a memorable event for all involved. We understand the 152nd Gettysburg is highly anticipated by both reenactors, visitors and the community – so the bar has been raised extra high again the this year’s event.