CS Command Postings

The C.S.A. Command Post From Brigadier General Kirk E. Davis:

Water and Ice Locations on the Field:

Each Army will have a Field Aid Station set up on the field that will have a supply of water and ice.  It will also be an interactive scene while the Battles are engged.

Each Army will also have a horse drawn Ambulance Wagon with them and it will be following the advance or placement of the majority of field troops.  They will have a supply of ice and water on board also.

Each Army will have “Ice Angels” on the field with water and ice available at all times for the troops.

Living History Personnel:

Living History participants will be Allowed to participate inn the Reenactment as Infantry, Artillery, Flag Bearers, Ice Angels or any other position that they are qualified to perform.  All participants will be approved by the US and CS Commanders at least 4 hours prior to the battle in which they wish to participate and must stand inspection.

From Brigadier General Kirk E. Davis

I have been involved in reenacting for 26 years. I started out as a private in the 23rd Virginia Infantry, moved to the 6th Maryland Infantry and then 139th PVI for a few years.

All along gaining valuable experience and knowledge until formed the 3rd Maryland Infantry and I proud that the 3rd Maryland is still together and has even become two units Companies B and D with many of the original trips that were there in the beginning are now in command positions.

Continuing as a Reenactor from the 3rd Maryland Infantry I formed the 12th Corps in which we had at the peak of its growth, 4 artillery units, 2 cavalry units, a Signal Corps, 5 infantry companies, 3 Medical units and the beginning of several Reenacting units. The 12th Lasted for 7 years.

I have been with the G.A.C. for 21 years holding many different positions throughout the years.

I first became involved with the GAC at their first reenactment as an officer on General George Heffner’s staff.

On the second and third year I was Chief of Staff for the Union Reenactor troops at Gettysburg. My fourth I was overall commander of the event although very satisfying, something else caught my interest that year. It was the first year that organizer Randy Phiel ask me to form a living history type camp in my spare time.

It has been 19 years as the living history coordinator at the GAC and I have had many wonderful and satisfying experiences. From laying out camps, Sutler areas and whatever type of help was needed I would volunteer in order to can experience about civil war event management; I feel I have been taught well by the best the hobby could provide.

During my time with G.A.C. I have developed and managed many smaller and medium size events in the tri- state area; such as; Ransom of Hagerstown and many other small and medium town history and reenactments which includes the PA 150th Civil War Kick off. Reenact programs in four towns in four weeks. The most memorable, the 150th Battle of Antietam with the Civil War Heritage group.

Now, I have come full the circle in reenacting. Being asked to be the Commander of the Confederate Reenactor troops on the field at the 152nd Battle of Gettysburg.

I am proud to fulfill this request of G.A.C. and the past Gettysburg commanders.     I can now say after this event, that I have participated in about every position one person could when involved in reenacting. A good and satisfying place to be in the future….who knows, I may really enjoy being back on the battlefield and forget where living history is located at the events……no, my heart is in teaching American history to the public and especially to young people. Thank you for the opportunity to command once again; I will do my best to provide a safe and enjoyable reenactment.