CS Command Postings

Confederate Commander – General Tim Perry

Tim Perry has been reenacting for decades; serving in many capacities under four different ANV Generals. Perry’s command of the 7th Battalion ANV as Colonel spans 25 years. Tim Perry is currently serving as gen-perry-anvGeneral for the ANV while he continues to command the 7th Battalion. Mr. Perry has considerable experience as an overall commander. He has commanded at hundreds of various events throughout the years including ANV events.

The First Division Army of Northern Virginia (ANV) is the largest and oldest reenacting organization in the East and, possibly, the country. The ANV currently has eight Infantry Battalions, a Horse Drawn Artillery Battalion, a full Cavalry Regiment, and an Artillery Regiment. The Division Staff members are handpicked from experienced reenactors who are known to make up one of the best operating staffs in the hobby. The Division Staff provides support for the ANV and for those under the ANV command. The First Division Army of Northern Virginia is run by a Board of Directors consisting of all of its Colonels.

Last updated 11-12-16