CS Order of Battle

152nd Anniversary Gettysburg Reenactment

Major General Brian Gesuero, Commanding

Colonel Patrick Davis, Chief of Staff

Major Dale Foxwell, Senior Aide

Major Robert Cooley, Adjutant General

Major Ken Obenland, Chief of Provost and Inspections

Major John Moss, Chief of Couriers

Major Clay Kearney, Chief Engineer

Captain Jason Foxwell, Chief Quartermaster

Captain Bruce Yealy, Chief Surgeon

Captain Buddy Cook, Chief Signal Officer

Captain Gary Wright, Provost & Inspections Dept.

Lieutenant Rudy Segaar, Provost & Inspections Dept.

Lieutenant Andrew Davis, Adjutants Department

Sgt. Major Donnie Strum, Legion Sergeant Major

Sergeant Chris Taylor, Chief Bugler

Trooper Derek Lanham, Courier

Corporal Cole Bigley, Headquarters Orderly

Cadet J. W. Jones, Headquarters Orderly


By order of:

Brian Gesuero

General, Commanding

Provisional Army of the Confederate States

“Nous  sommes la Legion”


Rev: 07/11/2014

The Commander

Confederate – Brian Gesuero

It is an honor for me to serve you and the troops as the Commander of the Southern Forces at the Annual Gettysburg National Reenactment. With an ever increasing passion for history, I began a career in our hobby of reenacting in 1980, serving as a rifleman in an infantry unit. Marching shoulder to shoulder to face destiny as one of “A Band of Brothers”, I learned the value and importance of taking care of the man next to me, knowing he would do his all to do the same. This was to be a life lesson that would follow, if not pursue me, in real life situations as well. First as a member of the fire company within my local community and, for the past twelve years, as a career fire fighter at the Baltimore Washington International Fire & Rescue Department (BWI FRD). The lessons learned in over 24 year’s involvement with Public Safety have also been invaluable in guiding me through my subsequent positions within our hobby. In 1993, I incorporated my love for horses and riding into reenacting by joining a cavalry unit. Soon thereafter I was asked to serve as a staff officer for General Don Patterson of the Army of Northern Virginia. I have since served on the staffs of General Patterson, 1st Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia, General Clark, 1st Division, Army of Northern Virginia and General Bair, 1st Legion, Provisional Army of the Confederate States. In my career to date, I have been a company commander, Assistant Adjutant, Adjutant, Chief of Couriers, Aide-de-Camp, Chief of Staff and now General in command of the 1st Legion, Provisional Army of the Confederate States (PACS). Through it all, whether a company commander serving the rank and file, a staff officer serving a commander, or a General serving the troops, one thing I will never forget is rank is a privilege bestowed upon us by the people we serve. Accepting the rank means accepting the responsibility to serve them well. I hope that my many years of reenacting and varied experiences will help to make the 151st Gettysburg, a quality event and an enjoyable success for the reenacting community and the public alike.