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151st  Anniversary Gettysburg Commanders Post

March 29, 2014 

To my fellow Reenactors,

Greetings from the Valley and the Headquarters of the Army of the Potomac – Middle Department.  As the Federal Commander and over all Military Commander for the 151st Gettysburg event let me be the first to thank you this year for you and your organizations continued support not only to this event but the hobby in general.

Along with my staff, my esteemed colleague General Gesuero and his staff we are greatly concerned about the challenges facing this hobby and are working to help insure that the hobby is around for years and generations to come to help honor our history and decedents.  With this in mind both staffs have been hard at work throughout the cold and snow and to be honest prior to taps being sound at Pickets charge last July to make sure that the 151st Gettysburg will be just as memorable for you the Reenactor as the 150th Gettysburg was.  We have planned new and different scenarios, enlarged the battlefield to take advantage of the natural terrain which will allow for the potential of such scenarios as Little round Top, Culp’s Hill or Cemetery Ridge.  The army camps will be placed next to each other to help allow for the increased battlefield area.  As always with this event the appropriate amenities and support are already established and planned.  Site work for this event will be starting shortly to insure we are ready in July.

Speaking of scenarios both command staffs met with their respective commands at the 150th Gettysburg to discuss scenarios for the 151st Gettysburg along with discussions at Remembrance Day and at organizational meetings.  If you have additional thoughts or questions as always you can contact us here via the website with questions or suggestions.  Some of the items also being planned for this year include a GNMP battlefield ride for mounted participants, entering and exiting battles using Sachs bridge, skirmish and picket actions throughout the event and special activities surrounding the 25 Anniversary of the Movie Gettysburg and the filming of parts of it on the reenactment site.

As I mentioned earlier the staffs have been hard at work.  This is your event not the commander’s event; it is an event for reenactors by reenactors.  Have any questions etc. please feel free to contact us again at the web site.   In closing the snow has gone and spring has sprung let’s get those kits out and ready for another season.  If you are in the valley stop by and say hello!

Your Obedient Servant,

Major General Allen W. Baldwin

Federal Commander and Overall Military Commandeer

151st Gettysburg






 December 25th, 2013

   With Christmas Eve upon us and New Years Eve right behind, on behalf of the Army of The Potomac and the entire Gettysburg Event Staff – Merry Christmas  and a Happy New to you and your family.  Thank you for your support over the past years and especially this summer.  Without your support we could not have had the great event that we did.  Both staffs are hard at work preparing for this year’s event.  Even though this year is a smaller event we have several very interesting and special activities and scenarios planned.  2013 was a year to say good bye to long- time Commanders General Palase and General Kelly as they retired from the hobby. To them a special thank you for your service and dedication.  We will keep you posted with updates.

You Obedient Servant,

Major General Allen Baldwin

Commanding Army of the Potomac

Federal and Overall Military Command 151st Gettysburg




To my Brothers and Sisters in Arms,                                       August 18, 2013

As summer gets ready to draw to a close and the 150th Gettysburg is still a recent memory rest assured that we are all hard at work preparing for next year’s event.  Next year we will be back at the movie site venue.  We are discussing several different scenarios based on input received form reenactors and commanders at this year’s event  and will continue to reach out to the various commands and to the hobby as a whole for suggestions.   As I have said before please feel free to contact me through GAC or flag me down if in the area.  The later may be a little difficult in Gettysburg as I have relocated to the Valley and have set up Headquarters’ in Winchester so if you are in the area there please drop me a line with your thoughts and suggestions.  Take care, enjoy what’s left of summer and see you in the field.



Major General Allen W. Baldwin

Overall Military Commander & Commander Federal Forces

151st Gettysburg



To my Brothers and Sisters in Arms,                                             July 24, 2013

A heartfelt thank you for your participation, support and commitment to making this event a true success and one filled with many wonderful memories. I have always been a believer that a good leader surrounds himself with great people and that it is a privilege and honor to lead these people. Without the help, dedication and commitment of the Federal Headquarters Staff, their tireless efforts along with those of the Federal Divisional and Branch Commands and General Gesuero with his esteemed staff and the superior support of the GAC Staff, this event would have not been a reality, let alone a success. There were struggles and obstacles to overcome but due to the commitment and dedication of the staffs and GAC we were able to overcome those and make this a successful event that will be remembered as the pinnacle of 150th events. Even after the soaking rain and delay in getting out of the site, I continue to have people contact me and tell me how much they enjoyed the event. Numerous have commented that this was the high water mark of their reenacting career. The hard work on the scenarios and preparation paid off throughout the event. I keep hearing about the energy of the battles, particularly the Wheatfield Scenario and Pickett’s Charge. To be honest the high point of the event for me was being down at the wall on horseback and watching the Virginians crash through into the pocket and the Federals being led by my long time friend, General Palase, rise up and repulse them as he commanded his troops for the last time on the field. The energy at that moment on the field defiantly swept over me as I could feel it rush through the troops and me. For me it will be that Civil War moment that I will never forget based on the shear amount of energy present and that of watching a great friend and mentor do what he loves for the last time.

In closing, thank you for allowing us to serve you. We could not provide an experience such as this event without all of your commitment to the hobby. See you on the field.


Your Obedient Servant,


Allen W. Baldwin

Major General

Commanding Federal Forces

Overall Military Command

150th Gettysburg



June 3, 2013

To My Brothers and Sisters in arms,

General Baldwin In The Federal Camp With Staff. We are just 4 weeks away from the event of a life time. It has been my pleasure and honor and that of my staff’s to help plan this event with and for you. Without your help and input General Gesuero and his staff we would not be able to bring this event to a reality So lets’ look forward and start the march to Gettysburg with the opening skirmishes at the Seminary and then on to the event on the Redding Farm. The dynamic and exciting scenarios are set; site preparation is being wrapped up, the final commanders meeting is in the books. See you on the field shortly. To all thank you for your support and dedication in helping use making this a great event.

Your Obedient Servant,

Major General Allen Baldwin


Federal Forces

Gettysburg 150th


May 9, 2013

To my Brothers and Sisters in arms,

The event you have been working for and waiting for is almost here. The 150th Gettysburg Anniversary National Civil War Battle Reenactment is less than 60 days away. Scenarios are being finalized to make sure that the best use of the expanded battlefield is insured. Site improvements continue to be added every day to make sure this is the event that you have been promised is delivered. Based on the phone calls, emails and meeting with some of you on the streets of Gettysburg there is great anticipation and excitement surrounding the event and the anniversary.

As always myself, my staff and General Gesuero and his talented staff are always at the ready and available to you to address your questions, needs and concerns. As you know we have been and continue to be dedicated to listening and working with you, the Reenactor. Don’t hesitate to email us at We will get you an answer. Don’t rely on hearsay, or rumors come directly to the source!

The last commanders meeting will be on June 1st. This meeting and site walk through will be the last one. This meeting and walk thru will cover all aspects of event. Camp layouts, logistics, schedule, emergency operations and scenarios will be reviewed and discussed. The Federal Command Staff and our Confederate counterparts have spent over 500 hours researching, revising and preparing the scenarios. These include first hand review and site visits to the site by senior Reenactors and key staff focusing on historical accuracy and use of the expanded battlefield to meet the historical needs. These scenarios will be presented at the meeting with a power point presentation, taking the commanders step by step through the action with the ability to modify the scenarios based on their inputs we move through them. If you have suggestions or thoughts on the scenarios get them to your division and Branch Commands. After a working lunch the staffs will participate in a through site tour.

The first true activities of the event start on June 28th, where registration and camping will begin at the Lutheran Seminary, part of the first day’s battlefield. For those coming to this prelude event will have a once in a life time event by having the opportunity to camp and participate in activities on some very sacred and special ground. It is often said that Seminary ridge and the defense of it on the first day set the tone for the Battle of Gettysburg. The event will include a special attendee tour of the new Civil War Museum, and the enjoyment of two period concerts, one of which will be performed by the 2nd South Carolina String Band. The opportunity to skirmish around Schmucker Hall and Seminary Ridge is truly a once in a life time experience. Your staffs have worked hard for several years and delivered this skirmish on the Seminary property giving a limited number of Reenactors the actual chance to battle in the Town of Gettysburg and on Seminary Ridge.  A true once in life time reenacting event for Reenactors by Reenactors!

July 2nd will mark the being of what will be the Olympic event of the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War when and camping begins on site for the 150th Gettysburg Anniversary National Civil War Battle Reenactment.

Soon Reenactors form 50 states and numerous countries will make their way to Gettysburg to participate in these events. After speaking with General Gesuero and sticking with the common goal of by Reenactors for Reenactors on Sunday when General Armistead goes over the wall at the High Water Mark of the Confederacy during Pickett’s Charge, a company of Confederate soldiers will go with him. This contingent will be made up of members of every single Confederate organization present at the event. Every organization represented, all together with a common goal, going across the wall as one. With the high level of emotion, respect and brotherhood that surrounds this particular scenario/action this in mind the Federal forces at the Angle will be made up of representative units that where there in 63, but the Federal Command staff will insure that there are representatives form each Federal unit at the event within these units to welcome the Confederate forces and together pay respect to those that have gone before us at.

Both staffs have worked hard to provide you with a once in a life time experience to make the 150th Gettysburg Anniversary National Civil War Battle Reenactment an event that will never be forgotten!

Your Obedient Servant,

Allen W. Baldwin

Major General


Federal Forces

150th Gettysburg



April 2, 2013

To our Fellow Reenactors,

We are less than 100 days away from the 150th Gettysburg Anniversary National Civil War Battle Reenactment and it will be here before we know it. By the time you receive this communication we will have surpassed the 9,000 registered Reenactor mark. We continue to receive registrations daily in the mail as well as from our easy online registration through our website, To encourage those of you who plan on registering but have not yet, any registration postmarked by April 15th will have the current registration fee of $35 extended. Take advantage of this and register today! All Reenactors who have registered by May 15 will have their names printed in the official 150th Gettysburg Anniversary Reenactment Program.

While we are talking about registrations, let’s not forget the prelude events that we have scheduled at the Lutheran Seminary and the Gettysburg Museum on Seminary Ridge. For those of you who want to take advantage of these prelude events, please register today. We still have room for a few more Reenactors. Stand in the shadow of the cupola where Buford stood and watched the fighting as the Confederate infantry began to flank both Gamble’s brigade and Devin’s men. Stand where Reynolds rode up to the Seminary and called out to Buford, “What goes, John?” which elicited Buford’s characteristic response, “The Devil’s to pay!” This will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to come and fight on the actual battlefield so don’t miss out.

Our site preparations are in full force. Lumber has arrived to construct the bridges. Firewood is already being distributed to our campsites. The 5 rail fence has been on site since last year just waiting to be built. Water troughs are here and ready to be distributed. General Baldwin and I visit the site weekly to assure that we are on track and taking care of the Reenactors needs. We could go on but the bottom line is we have the best logistics in the reenacting business and we prove it year after year.

On June 1st, we will have our last commanders meeting and site walk through before the event. Once again, Reenactors from across the country, committed to our event, will meet at the site to work together on our event. All aspects of the event will be discussed including camp layouts, logistics, schedule and scenarios. Hundreds of hours have already been spent researching and preparing the scenarios. Historical accuracy and proper battlefield utilization have been paramount in the development of the battle scenarios. They will be presented at the meeting with a power point presentation, taking the commanders step by step through the action. After lunch, we will finish the day with a site tour.

As always, General Baldwin and I are always available to answer your questions or concerns. We have also received several unit requests and are happy to work with you to make them happen. We are dedicated to listening and working with you, the Reenactor. Feel free to email us at

By the time we reach the registration deadline of May 15th, we will be well in excess of 10,000 Reenactors. We do not need a “force multiplier” to reach these numbers. We have reached out to the reenacting community, brought them all together, listened to their concerns and made changes that are beneficial to all. We established our Order of Battle for both sides early on and there have been no changes. We have a proven track record that is 19 years in the making when it comes to logistics that no event can match. No learning curve, no “we will do better next time”, no apologies. Our permits have been approved and are in hand, with no conditions to be met by a certain date. Contracts for water, port a johns, traffic control, security, medical, fire suppression, etc. have been signed and in hand for months. No last-minute surprises, no wondering if they will get signed or if we will be in business when the event rolls around. We have used the same vendors over and over again, building relationships that make a difference. All these things will make the 150th Gettysburg Anniversary National Civil War Battle Reenactment an event that you will not forget, an event that you will be proud you attended. We are looking forward to it as much as you are!

We respectfully remain,

Brian Gesuero                                                                             Major General Allen Baldwin
General, Commanding                                                              Commanding, U.S. Forces
Provisional Army of the Confederate States
“Nous  sommes la Legion”



February 15, 2013

To our fellow Reenactors,

This past Saturday, the second organizational meeting for the 150th Gettysburg Anniversary National Civil War Battle Reenactment took place in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Representing the Confederate and Union Armies, and the Gettysburg Anniversary Committee, more than 100 Reenactors demonstrated incredible enthusiasm and commitment for this event. Some Reenactors came from as far as 1000 miles to take part in this meeting as we had a carload from Tennessee that had traveled two days to make it and a division commander and his staff from the western part of Indiana. It is sacrifices such as these which shows us the belief in and commitment to the event and it’s what keeps us going to provide the best event possible by Reenactors for Reenactors.

The meeting began with introductions of the Federal, Confederate, and GAC staffs. Every Division and Branch command was well represented. We also recognized each organization that was in attendance. The list was quite impressive. But before any further business was discussed we made sure to show the actual event permits from Cumberland and Straban Townships to those in attendance and offered copies of these permits. We wanted to make sure that there was no doubt that we had the permits, no letters of intent, lists of items to be completed, promises that they are coming, it is clear WE DO HAVE THE NEEDED PERMITS. After the introductions a brief overview was given on the living history and skirmish at the Gettysburg Theological Seminary, including the Saturday afternoon Cavalry skirmish at Hunterstown. This will be two great opportunities for those that are coming to town early for the 150th Gettysburg or want to drop in for the day to experience a once in a life time reenacting experience and opportunity.

Next, we had an in-depth overview of logistics for the 150th Gettysburg Anniversary National Civil War Battle Reenactment. Many events tell you that they have good logistics. Well, the GAC delivers. Everything was discussed from the onsite registration process for the different branches; port a johns, wood, hay, water, ice, to the dedicated and committed on scene EMS and Fire protection. Many questions were fielded and answered. We had direct answers on everything because the GAC does this every year. The infrastructure is in place and has proven itself. The GAC has the equipment and resources to take care of the Reenactor. These excellent and well planned logistics and proven history of well supported events are the reason that the permitting process was not a major undertaking for 150th Gettysburg Anniversary National Civil War Battle Reenactment.

For the breakout sessions, everybody sat down for a working lunch while maps of the battlefield were on projector screens on both ends of the room. The infantry, both blue and gray, took the front table while the cavalry and artillery gathered around in circles in the middle of the room. Scenario by scenario, these groups went through and discussed each action and their part in it. The room was full of lively discussions from front to back. You would not believe the excitement. After ample time for lunch and the scenarios, we reconvened the meeting to review the scenarios as a group. We discussed them and worked through each one, step by step, scenario by scenario. Battlefield utilization, combined branch operations, historical accuracy, everything was discussed and more importantly, we worked on it together. Every voice heard, every branch represented, by Reenactors, for Reenactors. We finished the meeting by fielding questions from the breakout sessions and scenario reviews, and providing answers.

Stan Daywalt, a Reenactor of over 50 years, provided our closing comments by addressing the  attendees and speaking about our need to uphold our standards and police our own ranks. Everyone could agree with his points and they were well received. Stan was a participant in the 100th Anniversary Battle of Gettysburg in 1963, as well as several of the larger anniversary events that followed. It was good to hear his perspective on what we as Reenactors are doing right, as well as what we need to improve. One area that has improved is the line of communication from event hosts and commanders down to the men in the ranks. Our maps, scenarios, schedules, etc, are all on the GAC public website for anyone to review.

Last but not least, a site visit was offered to all. Over 60 people drove to the site where they received a full site tour including the Union and Confederate camps and parking, the expanded battlefields, the 6 new stream crossing areas, and additional lands we have for camping and a tactical. Everyone was in agreement about the quality of the site and the endless possibilities we have there. For many, this was the first time to this site. Nothing but positive comments came from the visit. People were in disbelief at the piles of firewood already staged in the camping area. There is no doubt that the GAC will be ready come July 2nd when camps open to Reenactors.

The 150th Gettysburg Anniversary National Civil War Battle Reenactment is truly a team effort from start to finish. Everyone in attendance was excited about their ability to have a say in how we run this event. We both have been flooded with emails and phone calls since the meeting. The level of enthusiasm is incredible. One confederate Reenactor wrote “For the first time in my 25 years of reenacting, the organizers of a “National” event reached out to the reenacting community and asked for their input. The Commanding Generals are to be commended on your love of the hobby, and your dedication to the Reenactor. I heard nothing but good remarks and comments coming from the others in attendance. I personally had the chance to see old friends and make many more new ones, even some Yankees. I for one have never been this excited to be part of such a great event.” I think this says it all.

With current registration numbers reaching close to 7000, it is obvious that this is the event Reenactors are choosing to attend. With this kind of enthusiasm, this kind of teamwork “by Reenactors, for Reenactors,” this kind of turnout from the reenacting community, and by far the best logistical infrastructure of any reenactment, the 150th Gettysburg Anniversary National Civil War Battle Reenactment will be an event that we will be proud of and always remember.

We respectfully remain,

Brian Gesuero                                                                        Major General Allen Baldwin,
General, Commanding                                                           Commanding, U.S. Forces
Provisional Army of the Confederate States
“Nous sommes la Legion”

January 27, 2013

To my brother and sisters in arms,

January is all but a memory and a very short memory at that. My staff, General Gesuero’s staff and the GAC team has been very hard at work to bring you the event we have promised, an event by Reenactors for Reenactors. If you drive by the site on Table Rock Rd. you will already see that the fire wood has been distributed, site work to prepare the battlefield and its crossings and service roads is well underway or completed; the clearing of brush and other prep work on the site is occurring daily. This is all in preparation for a world class event. The world will be watching. Everything is falling into place on the site, in the community and in the troops. While the Commands have been working on ensuring great scenarios and adjusting the battlefield layout of the scenarios, the entire staff has made sure that the event has received its permits from the municipalities. Not letters of intent or lists of a few more loops to close and conditions to meet – but issued permits which show the work and commitment that has been made by the whole event staff – and the confidence and respect local officials have in this organization. Let’s just call it what it is, let there be no doubt that our event permitting process is complete. There is no doubt.

On the second weekend in February 8-10, my staff and General Gesuero and his staff will be holding a series of scenario planning meetings and site visits with Division and Branch Commands. The Commands will be returning to Gettysburg with their “Homework” from Remembrance Day weekend complete with their thoughts, guidance and input on the scenarios helping to script and layout the scenarios. Reenactors crafting scenarios for Reenactors–these scenarios will not just at the whim of command. Everyone present will have the opportunity to work on the scenarios as a team, step by step. Everyone all together, in one place, all together in one room, working together, every voice heard and having input. These will be historically based scenarios that you have requested and this is where it will happen, through a team effort all the way. General Gesuero and I continue to hear how happy and excited Reenactors are to have this input and to be given a chance to work on ideas etc. and bring them to the table.

Just as exciting is the weekend before when Reenactors will have a chance to camp and battle on such significantly historic ground as the Gettysburg Lutheran Theological Seminary on Saturday and Sunday – and the Village of Huntertown on Saturday evening. I live within less than a mile of the Seminary and I am personally excited to have this opportunity. I was not able to participate in the event at the Seminary last year during the 150th Kick-off event, due to taking responsibility for coordination of the battle at the Seminary and the battle on Baltimore St. To me it was more extremely important to make something like this happen once in a lifetime for my brothers and sisters in arms. Now to have our hard work pay off once again–to be on first days ground again is all worth it to help create this lifetime moment of Respect, Honor and Loyalty. Inquiries for both military and living history participation should be directed to Kirk Davis, 717-338-1776. Artillery and Cavalry, please contact me directly at

Due to the hard work, dedication and determination, the 150th Gettysburg Anniversary National Civil War Battle Reenactment will be an event we will all remember and be proud of. You have my word, and commitment as the overall and Federal Commander that the military staffs and event staffs are committed to making this an exciting, organized, responsible and memorable event. As we look anxiously to July, think about 120 cannons belching smoke and fire during Pickett’s Charge, and standing at the Seminary ready for battle on the Saturday before the event- and remember these words “Forward, For God’s Sake Forward.”

Your Obedient Servant,

Allen W. Baldwin
Major General Commanding
Federal Forces 150th Gettysburg

December 25, 2012

To My Fellow Reenactors,

Site Tour At The Wall – Remembrance Day Weekend

Since the Mayan’s don’t seem to have the calendar right and I have finished unloading my Henry, Springfield, Colt, Navy and Star since no zombies showed up, I thought it was time to update you on what is happening with your event. I promise to keep it short because this time of year it’s all about friends and family.

The Federal Command Staff and General Gesuero’s Staff have been and continue to be hard at work on preparations for the 150th Gettysburg Reenactment and the special June 29 & 30 prelude events being held on significantly historical ground which we will all have a chance to fight and honor on.

The staffs including Divisional and Branch Commands will be in Gettysburg on February 9th to start to layout scenarios on the expanded battlefield. Your commanders are setting up the scenarios. Rest assured we are not taking the holiday off.

If you have the opportunity to visit Gettysburg you will find it beautifully decorated and in the holiday spirit. New Years Eve is always a real blast on the square. If you’re in town for the holidays or News Years and have any questions etc. as always feel free to look me up.

More importantly than anything else, don’t forget the meaning of the season and on behalf of my family, myself, and the Federal Staff let me extend a very Happy Holiday and a Joyous New Year.


Major General Allen Baldwin

Federal Forces
150th Gettysburg National Reenactment



My Brothers and Sisters in Arms,

Another Remembrance Day is in the books and just a fond memory, but it is one filled with many great moments and successes for the 150th Gettysburg Anniversary National Civil War Battle Reenactment and the Command Staffs. It was truly impressive to be able to meet with fellow Reenactors to discuss the event, site preparations, the special events the week before, scenarios, the battlefield, concerns, suggestions and in general the hobby. General Gesuero and his staff along with myself and the Federal Command staff embraced these opportunities to make sure that there was a never seen before level of communication on this event or any other event on such a personal level. I have to agree with General Gesuero that whether it was on the streets and pubs of Gettysburg Thursday and Friday night, at the parade on Saturday or during the social hosted by the GAC after the parade, the enthusiasm and response was enormous. The social was a great success with many attending, pushing the occupancy limits of the Mine to its breaking point. But more importantly, it gave all those in attendance a chance to communicate about the event. The ability to talk one on one with staff members and the commanders made for some very open and informative communication. “By Reenactors, for Reenactors,” is what we heard over and over that weekend.

 The first site meeting for the 150th Gettysburg Anniversary National Civil War Battle Reenactment was held on Sunday afternoon with all of the Federal Command represented along with the Confederate Command – more than fifty in attendance. General Gesuero and I conducted a tour of the entire site including expanded battlefield area, tactical areas, and camps. Additionally as the two wagon loads of staff traversed the property, attendees were able to view the six new stream crossing areas. All in attendance were in agreement that the site really has endless possibilities.

 The site tour was finished up with a brief meeting with the Division and Branch commands. They and their staffs were given homework packets consisting of all the scenarios and maps of the battlefield. They have been charged with providing input on how to best utilize the battlefield to make this an epic event–an assignment that many Division Commanders have requested. The 150th Gettysburg Anniversary National Civil War Battle Reenactment will truly be a team effort from start to finish producing a quality event in which we all can be proud.

 Current registration numbers are reaching 3000. These numbers represent participants from over 20 different organizations from the United States and several foreign countries.

 General Gesuero and I, along with our collective staffs, continue to work hard to ensure a quality team that will deliver an event “by Reenactors, for Reenactors,” with the event organizers provide the best logistical and infrastructure support as possible to help make the 150th Gettysburg Anniversary National Civil War Battle Reenactment will be an event that we will be proud of and always remember.

In closing let me wish you and your families a joyous Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year. If you’re in Gettysburg please feel free to contact me or look me up.

Your Obedient Servant,

Major General Allen W. Baldwin



Brothers and Sisters in Arms,

General Gesuero and I are personally very excited about these skirmishes. More details will be released on Remembrance Day. These skirmishes are a reality based on the commitment and reputation of GAC in the community and the relationship that the staff has with the community as a whole. Several of us live here and will be here when the event is over. We will not only see community members but Reenactors who visit the area.

These skirmishes are for Reenactors by Reenactors.

On Saturday, both General Gesuero and I will be located at Reliance Mine Saloon during the hours of 2:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. to welcome troops or senior staff, and answer any questions you may have. We invite you to stop in, have a beverage, say hello and discuss the event.

 Your Obedient Servant,

 General Allen Baldwin



To my brothers and sisters in arms,

Having just recently returned from a great event at Cedar Creek and finalizing Remembrance Day activities, one would think that the reenactment season is winding down to a close for the year. While some will take the time to rest and look back on the last year’s, campaigns that will not be the case for the Federal Command Staff. As the overall military and Federal Command for this event, the Federal Command staff and I, along with the Confederate Command staff have been hard at work and are kicking it up a few more notches to insure a quality event for you the reenactor. The staffs have been hard at work with the event staff to make sure additional battlefield area has been acquired, extra stream crossing placed, battle scenarios designed for the additional battlefield area along with making sure the appropriate support logistics are in place to make sure it is a safe and enjoyable event.

In the process of kicking it up a few notches, the Command staff has been working to secure a few special venues for skirmishes on historically significant property. These skirmishes will occur the weekend prior to the event. This is the same group of individuals that were able to set up skirmishes on Baltimore Street and the Seminary property last year as an opening to the 150th Anniversary in Pennsylvania. I am personally very excited about these skirmishes and we will be releasing details about these skirmishes on Remembrance Day. These skirmishes are a reality based on the commitment and reputation of the Gettysburg Anniversary Committee (GAC) in the community and the relationship that the staff has with the community as a whole since several of us live her in the community and will be here when the event is over. These skirmishes are for reenactors by reenactors.

Speaking of Remembrance Day, the Federal staff and I will be available throughout the weekend to speak to anyone who will have questions. Please feel free to contact us through the GAC office if you will be having a meeting that weekend and would like us to attend or stop us on the street for a chat.

The staffs will be quite busy over the weekend, especially on Sunday as both staffs meet with their respective Division and Branch Commanders at the site; however, we would still like to meet with you if possible.

In closing, I am happy and honored to announce the Federal Division and Branch Commands for the 150th Gettysburg –

Infantry Division Commands:

Major General Tony Daniels

Brigadier General Tom Downes

Major General Ronald Palese

Brigadier General David Shackleford

Federal Cavalry Commander Norm Hoerer

Federal Artillery Commander Col. Rick Dennis

If I don’t have the opportunity to speak with you on Remembrance Day weekend, then I will see you on the other side in the field 2014.

Your Obedient Servant,

General Allen Baldwin



To my brothers and sisters in arms,

Planning for the 150th National Gettysburg Anniversary Civil War Battle Reenactment has been underway for some time. In reality it started back at the 135th Battle Reenactment as various groups came together to solidify the hobby and to provide a great reenactment experience. For myself and the Command Staff of the First Federal Division Headquarters’ the 140th and 145th were dress rehearsals to prepare the Staff and the event organizers to get ready and prepare for what will be a landmark event as the 125th Battle reenactment was. With all of this in mind and the fact that a lot of veteran reenactors have relayed to the command staffs that this will be their final swan song in the hobby we must continue to push forward to provide the best experience for the troops. The military command staffs and event staffs are meeting and communicating almost daily to ensure a well-planned event.

Additionally camping areas, battlefield layout, amenities, support issues and event preparedness have all been key items of discussion. Additional stream crossings are being planned along with some other site improvements. The phrase “Moving Forward” has become the statement of my staff when dealing with this event. The planning will continue and commitments increased as will needs as we get closer. A Divisional Commanders meeting is planned for Mid-December, and Remembrance Day at this point and more will follow and the attendance broadened to make sure we reach all and address the needs of the units and the troops. We have also rearranged the website and improved it to be more reenactor friendly.

Inclosing with the theme of “Moving Forward” I am proud to announce that two of the four Federal Infantry Division Commands have been accepted. Brigadier General Ron Palase will command the 1st Federal Infantry Division and Brigadier General David Shackleford the 2nd Federal Infantry Division and I hope to name the other two Infantry Divisional Commands in the near future.

All involved continue to work tirelessly to make the 150th Gettysburg Battle Reenactment a memorable event for all.

Major General Allen W. Baldwin
Commander Federal Forces



To my fellow reenactors,

As the Overall Military Commander and Federal Commander for the Gettysburg Event I want to say thank you.

The 149th Gettysburg is now a memory, but as I look back on this memory it is one filled with pride.  With your help and the commitments of General Gesuero and his staff along with the dedication and commitment of the Federal Headquarters staff and GAC we were able to provide a memorable experience for all who attended.  With the dedication and commitment of all involved we were able to overcome the heat related issues to ensure the safety of those on the field, in the camps and the mounts that we rode and sent everyone home safely.

As we begin the countdown to the 150th Gettysburg event next year, my staff and I look forward to the culmination of several years of preparation for this occasion. We have been striving to make improvements where we are able to, in everything from battle scenarios to the basic daily needs of troops in the camps. Working with the Gettysburg Anniversary Committee and our counterparts on the Confederate command staff, we have strived to build relationships across the board for the improvement of the hobby and the event.

Whether Federal, Confederate, or civilian, my staff and I are dedicated to planning an event which is safe whether it be weapons or heat. We will be working with Divisional commanders to make the most of our camp sites and provide all of you with ample opportunity to burn powder.

The number 150 brings with it different meanings to some of you…some reenactors will bring their time in the hobby to a close after the sesquicentennial cycle, while others are just starting out. Next year promises to be one of the largest events we have seen in a number of years. We anticipate a memorable event for reenactors and spectators alike, but we are also looking beyond it. As reenactors we share many common goals and reasons for being involved in this hobby. First and foremost is our love of history, and a desire to portray it as faithfully as possible whether on the field or in camp. We all recognize where our shortcomings are in these regards. However, it is our constant desire to learn and improve which should unite us rather than drive us apart. Our efforts in this hobby should, in the end, go beyond the self-serving, and instead be directed at that one child in the crowd who discovers history is a living thing and not a page in a musty old book. We were all that child once…let’s show them what we are all about.

My staff and I look forward to working with all of you to make the 150th Gettysburg the event we know it can be.  If my staff or I can be of any assistance or answer any questions please feel free to contact me through GAC.

Your Most Humble and Obedient Servant,
Major General Allen Baldwin,
Commanding, U.S. Forces