US Order of Battle



             Federal Staff List


Commander: Maj. Gen. Allen Baldwin

Chief of Staff:  Col. Grover Longnecker

Asst. Chief of Staff: Lt. Col. Brian Withrow

Adjutant General: Lt. Col. John Fuld

Sr. Military Advisors: Brig. Gen. Erek Dorman

Military Advisors: Brig. Gen. Bob Frey

Chief Surgeon: Col. Pete “Doc” Peters

Chief Engineer: Lt. Col. Ed Zamorski

Asst. Surgeon: Maj. Barry Kline

Sr. Aide de Camp: Maj. Kyle Wichtendahl

Provost Marshal: Maj. Bob Shurts

Inspector General: Maj. Richard Longnecker

Quartermaster: Maj. Willard (Bill) Longnecker

Chief Signal Officer: Capt. Mark C. Williams

Signal Officer: 1st Lt. Mark Hageman

Aide de Camp: 2nd LT. Edward Swartz

Aide de Camp: 2nd Lt. Brett Sheriff

Survey Topographer: Samuel Washburn

Telegrapher: Cyndy Bordden-Sawtelle

Telegrapher: Margaret Hageman  

Chief of Mounts: Cpl. Julie Baldwin

Asst. Chief of Mounts: Pvt. Jennifer Hulse

Provost Guard: Gary Bohan (Elwood)

Provost Guard: Steve Hill

Provost Guard: Stephen Franzoni

Provost Guard: Max Moxey

Provost Guard: Victory Moxey

Medical Steward: Chris Gingerich

Chief of Commissary: Pauline Zamorski

Seamstress: Julia Ann Sedlock

Civilian: Jessica Dorman

Civilian: Jennifer Pollock

Civilian: Kelly Weihs

Chaplain: Rev. Mike Seymour



Major John W. Fuld, Ph.D

Adjutant General

Army of the Potomac Middle Division


The Commander


Federal – Allen Baldwin

A Pittsburgh native and a past 13 year resident of Gettysburg Pennsylvania, Allen now lives in Winchester Virginia with his wife Julie and is employed by the City of Winchester as the Fire and Rescue Chief. Allen is also a graduate of Point Park University with a degree in Public Administration. Allen has been involved in reenacting for just shy of twenty years. He served on Major General Valuska’s staff as a Courier, Junior Officer, Aide de Camp and most recently as a Colonel and Senior Aide de Camp. He has been directly involved in event planning and military operations, and has served as a Brigade, Division and Army Commander at numerous events along with being responsible of Overall Command at several events. Allen and the entire Federal Staff look forward to continuing their excellent working relationship with the officers and gentleman of CSA Commander Brian Gesuero’s staff. General Baldwin’s interest in Civil War history began when he was a youngster with his grandfather who had an extensive interest in the civil war and was a professor at the University of Pittsburg. Allen spends some of his free time researching the 20th Pennsylvania Cavalry Company F, which his great-great grandfather was a member of and was engaged in pursuit of Lee as he entered Hagerstown on his retreat from the Gettysburg battle and wounded just outside of Berkley Springs West Virginia. Allen and the Federal staff bring a long standing tradition of professionalism, loyalty, honor and organization to the hobby. He and the staff look forward to the challenge of reenacting this extremely significant chapter in American history while meeting the needs of the reenactors at this anniversary event.