Each year the Gettysburg Anniversary Committee (GAC), local organizers of the Annual Gettysburg Reenactment, choose several community and preservation causes and support these organizations with a portion of the proceeds from the event.   Some of the past beneficiary’s have included The Seminary Ridge Historic Preservation Association, National Park Service Cannon Restoration Fund, Friends of the National Parks at Gettysburg, Gettysburg National Military Park Horse Trail, The Civil War Trust, Brandy Station Battlefield, The National Trust for Preservation, the Lincoln Train Station, Marine Sgt. Eric McColley scholarship fund, The Wounded Warriors Support Fund, The Adams County Historical Society, The Land Conservancy of Adams County, The National Wreath Project and The Daniel Lady Farm. The Gettysburg Anniversary Committee also is a proud and active participant in the Make A Wish Foundation.

Schmucker Hall, one of the previous donation receipients  is one of the most important privately owned buildings in the Gettysburg area.  It is located on the campus of the Gettysburg Lutheran Theological Seminary and was utilized by both armies during the battle. On the First Day, the famous exchange between Buford and Reynolds took place from its cupola and eventually over 600 wounded suffered, died  and were cared for in the building. Schmucker Hall underwent a major $11.7 million year-long renovation and re-opened as the nationally significant Gettysburg Seminary Ridge Museum. Two of the four floors will feature civil war religion and medicine. The extensive collection of the Adams County Historical Society exhibits are displayed in the museum. The Adams County Historical Society, located on the Lutheran Seminary campus, plays a significant role in preserving Adams County History and offering research opportunities for visitors, students and historians utilizing paid and volunteer staff. The Land Conservancy of Adams County is a member supported nonprofit land trust with over 600 members and the noble mission of preserving the rural lands and character of Adams County. The Conservancy holds over 95 easements covering over 6,000 acres. The Sgt. MAC Foundation honors the memory of Gettysburg Marine Sgt Eric McColley who was killed serving his country in 2007. At a cost of about $40,000, this year’s donation will support laying thousands of wreaths at Gettysburg National Cemetery and Quantico National Cemetery. The Gettysburg Anniversary Committee since 2008 is consistently one of the largest supporters of the Sgt MAC Fund. The Sachs Mill Covered Bridge was used by both armies during the battle and its aftermath. It is quite visible from GAC events at the Gettysburg movie site. There is currently a movement to improve the historical integrity of the bridge and its surroundings, create more aesthetically appropriate parking, remove graffiti and add some visitor and security improvements.

All of these organizations do a wonderful job of improving our community and quality of life working with very limited budgets.  Financial and volunteer support is needed and appreciated by all these noble organizations. For the past 22 years, the Gettysburg Anniversary Committee has supported, and will continue to support, community and preservation causes that reflect the heritage of our very special community. We are pleased and proud that the Gettysburg Anniversary Committee can contribute to these fine preservation and patriotic organizations.