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Gettysburg The Boys In Blue & Gray CD Soundtrack


The original soundtrack recording from the movie “Gettysburg The Boys in Blue & Gray.” Ranging from tragic to triumphant this music will inspire your imagination!

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Track Listings 1. Opening Credits 2. Procession of Armies 3. My Johnny— Instrumental 4. Civil War Medley/The Battle Cry of Freedom (G.F. Root)/The Girl I Left Behind (Traditional)/Kingdom Coming (H.C. Work) 5. Death of Reynolds 6. Marching through Georgia 7. Morning Meeting 8. Before the Battle Mother 9. Whirlpool of Death 10. Defense of Round Top 11. Shenandoah 12. Planning the Attack 13. Brothers in Arms 14. A Council of War 15. Tenting Tonight 16. Lorena 17. Battle of Culps Hill 18. Dixie 19. March to Immortality 20. Nothing But Glory (Pickett’s Charge) 21. The Letter 22. My Johnny is a Soldier 23. Finale and Remembrance (The Boys in Blue & Gray).