CS Command Postings

Confederate Commander – General Gordon Grahe

Gordon Grahe has been reenacting for over 30 years. He joined the ranks as a private rising to the rank of Colonel of the 10th Battalion ANV. In November of 2017 Gordon Grahe was voted to the rank of Major General in command of the 1st Division Army of Northern Virginia.

Grahe has been overall commander of various events to include Funkstown and Waynesboro. He has commanded the ANV at Cedar Creek and Neshaminy.

Grahe’s love of history began as a boy recreating battles with toy soldiers and grew as he delved into the history of the time period. He studied, and later taught, at the MD Anne Arundel College. Grahe served as president of the Chesapeake CW Roundtable. He speaks at various roundtables in the area. Grahe received an acknowledgement in John Priest’s book on the first day at Gettysburg for his contribution on the Tennessee troops engaged in the battle.

The First Division Army of Northern Virginia (ANV) is the largest and oldest reenacting organization in the East and, possibly, the country. The ANV currently has eight Infantry Battalions, a Horse Drawn Artillery Battalion, a Cavalry and Artillery Regiment, and a newly formed Dismounted Cavalry Battalion. The Division Staff members are handpicked from experienced reenactors and provides support for the ANV and for those under the ANV command. The First Division Army of Northern Virginia is run by a Board of Directors consisting of all of its Colonels.


Last updated 11-16-17