What is the procedure for becoming a part of a reenactment?

Note to new reenactors and persons wanting to become reenactors.
Unfortunately, we cannot be a clearinghouse for new reenactors and are not able to refer you to specific groups. There is no central clearing house of units and some units come and go making maintenance of any such list become quickly outdated.

We can refer you to periodicals such as The Civil War News, Camp Chase Gazette and Civil War Courier for notices from units seeking new members. Going to numerous civil war web sites and chat rooms would be another good source for reenactor information. These periodicals all have websites available by using the search function on your web browser.

The best option may be to go to reenactments or living history demonstrations and talk to unit members. Reenactors are normally very gracious in sharing their knowledge and experience.

Independents that do not belong to an affiliated unit, upon acceptance of the registration, will be assigned to each army’s “provisional unit” established and overseen by U.S. and CSA command. We encourage reenactors to make every effort to affiliate with an organized unit and register as part of that unit, with the unit’s permission.

Civil War News: mail@civilwarnews.com or www.civilwarnews.com

The Civil War News runs a recruiting/calendar section in their January issue each year but that only includes units that submit information for recruiting ads. Some units will run recruiting ads in the classified section during the year in the regular issues. The Civil War News Website has links to reenactments and living history groups as well as to a site called Civil War Reenactors. By talking electronically to various groups you can usually get a helpful referral.

The specific location you want is: www.cwreenactors.com/recruits.htm

Keep in mind you cannot tell the geographic location of a reenactor unit based on the unit’s name. They could be the 14th Virginia and be based in New Jersey. This will require you to do some web surfing and visit chat rooms. Most unit sites will give the history about the original unit, which will aid you in learning some history while trying to identify a unit you may want to join. There are a few umbrella groups such as the Mifflin Guard and Army of Northern Virginia which many assist you in locating individual units to join.


How do I go about signing up to be a drummer boy in the reenactment?

You cannot just sign up to be a drummer boy in the reenactment. We require that you be an experienced reenactor having participated in some smaller events previously, meet all the requirements of the reenactor rules and be affiliated with a reenactor unit. There are also Drum and Fife Corps that are sometimes looking for active members.



There will be a US Military Camp, a CS Military Camp, and a US Military Dependants Camp for US military dependants. The camps are for registered reenactors only.

Registered Reenactors may camp on-site until Monday noon*

(See “Reenactor Updates” for camping rules and other detailed information.)


Will women be able to camp in Military Camps with their soldier husbands ?

We promote this as a family event and feel that families should be able to stay together as much as possible however we leave the decision on dependants (civilians) camping in the military camps to the discretion of the individual unit commanders. Please address these issues with your unit commander prior to registering.

Event Civilian Policy:
The Dependant (Civilian) Camp at Gettysburg is intended and will be limited to military reenactors and their dependents who are not permitted to camp with the military as a matter of military unit policy. There is also a Living History Village for military and civilians that do an historically correct interpretation for the public such as washer woman, politician, seamstress, doctor etc. Registration in the Living History Area must be pre-approved by the Living History Coordinator. Both areas require period dress the entire weekend with no exception. If you are not affiliated with or a dependent of a military unit participant and are not a legitimate Living History Reenactor your registration cannot and will not be processed for this event.


If I drive my RV/Motor-home to the reenactment, may I park it in the Reenactor Parking Lot?

You may park your RV/Motor-home in the Reenactor parking lot the same as any other truck, car or other vehicle used to travel to the event however camping in the reenactor parking lot is prohibited and enforced.You MAY NOT put out any awnings, lawn chairs, block any additional spaces, build fires, cook outdoors, etc. The vehicle will be placed in this parking lot as a parked vehicle.


Will there be Modern Camping available at the event site?

No, there will not be a modern camp site at this year’s event. However, you can visit the South Central Pennsylvania Camping Website at www.pacamping.com/southcentral.htmfor local campsite availability.


I am a reenactor from (Any State) who would like to participate in the Gettysburg Reenactment but my unit is not coming as a group. Can the few of us that are coming register as independents using our unit affiliation name or must we find another unit to affiliate with for this event?

We encourage you to try and affiliate with a unit that is coming for many logistical reasons that will benefit you and the organizers of the event. If you cannot, you will still be welcome at the event, but you will be assigned to a Provisional Brigade of either USA or CSA, depending how you register. Please use your unit and affiliation of your regular unit when registering if unable to affiliate with another unit.You will be assigned under a Provisional Brigade. Registering your dependants (civilians) with the military unit will insure less hassle in their registration process. Specify the number of dependants (civilians) camping in the military camp.


For more information contact us at:  gac4@comcast.net or write us at GAC, PO Box 3482, Gettysburg, PA. 17325-3482.