Reenactor Registration – Gettysburg 156th – July 5, 6, & 7, 2019

Printable Registration Form

On-line Registration

The Online Registration is not compatible with a cell phone–you must use a computer or laptop to register online.

Note: you will receive an email confirmation if your online registration was completed successfully.

Online Reenactor Registration Information:

The online registration login and password is reset each year–if this is the first time that you are registering online for the 2019 event–then do not try to use the Log-in at the beginning of the online registration — the logins and passwords are not carried over from the previous year(s). You will need to create a password under Step 5. (The Log-in at the beginning is only used after you have successfully submitted your first online registration for the 2019 event.)

Step 5. When you get to Step 5 (Billing Information) you will be asked to enter your email address (the same email address that you entered as a Contact Email Address in Step1). The next line shows to enter your Password* – this is a password that you create upon your first online registration for the 2019 Gettysburg Reenactment. It is required that you create a password.

Mail-in Registration – Click on “Printable Registration Form” to print a registration form that you can fill out and mail in with a check or money order–see page two  of the form for mailing instructions.

See “Registration Updates” for additional registration information.

Questions? Please email us at or call us at 717-338-1525.

Last Update 9/11/18